STELSI Archipelago

The base of STELSI, the Archipelago
The worldview of the STELSI project is based on the word "Archipelago" (A group of islands), which originated from the book "The City in the City - Berlin: A Green Archipelago (1977)", co-authored by Oswald Mathias Ungers and Rem Koolhaas and many famous architects and city planners. STELSI Archipelago is the worldview of the STELSI project that supports the growth and expansion of new cities for the coming metaverse world.
STELSI's islands each have their independent characteristics for forming and developing ecosystems. As the number of STELSI users increases and the number of islands increases, the opportunity for users to experience islands with different characteristics also increases.
Our goal is to establish tokenomics that can interact with reality by linking the STELSI worldview.
The journey to our goal starts with the first island 'Hola'.