STELSI Community

Expansion of STELSI Networking, Community

The ultimate goal of the STELSI community is to provide a high-quality city by inducing communication between experts and users through architecture and to create an environment where metaverse participants can lead the ecosystem.

Community Building Process

[Step 1] Continuous operation of contents such as architecture contest, architecture award system, architect and artist matching, etc.

We expand the ecosystem by producing continuous events and content, such as discovering makers through architectural contests, continuing high-quality design, detailed architectural environments through architectural awards, and creating architectural storytelling by matching architects and artists.

[Step 2] Operating a community specializing in metaverse architecture

Through the operation of a community specializing in metaverse architecture, we plan to introduce buildings and architects of STELSI and make it possible to promote buildings and spaces throughout the community.

[Step 3] Forming direct communication between experts and users

We plan to develop communication channel where 'Makers,' and 'Engineers' registered in STELSI can operate individual studios to use as a channel to promote their work or to communicate with users.

[Step 4] Forming a user community

The final goal of the community that STELSI aims for is to function as a place where users who share values can be active. One of the most critical roles of the user community is to serve as a venue for decision-making. Users can form communities by island and vote or exercise voting rights when making decisions through the community.

In addition, it can be a window to participate in various events and a platform for individual communication, transactions, and projects to form activities and relationships in the metaverse.

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