STELSI Staking

STELSI landlord's preference, staking

Building Staking

The advantage of STELSI Economy is to collect NFTs to build buildings and earn staking rewards. The stake ratio depends on the purpose and size of the building, and is determined by multiplying the usage ratio by the size ratio.

According to the table above, you can calculate the staking ratio of buildings according to type scale X size scale. The final staking weight is determined within ±10% of the standard weight value.

Staking Ratio Upgrade

The staking ratio upgrade NFT is an item that increases the staking ratio of building NFTs by a certain percentage.

As a socket type, it can be attached and detached and cannot be sold in the market while attached. It is managed in a small amount to balance the STELSI ecosystem and is planned to be obtained by users who are active in the ecosystem through various events in STELSI.

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