• Token Name : STELSI Token

  • Symbol : STLS

STELSI token is a utility token used within the STELSI Metaverse ecosystem.

Users can obtain STELSI tokens as a reward by staking building NFTs. The reward rate for each building differs depending on the attribute value and type of the building NFTs.

Users can use STELSI tokens to maintain the durability of building NFTs and to upgrade the staking ratio according to the properties of each building. Users can no longer receive rewards when the durability of buildings for building management issued as NFTs is exhausted, and users need to continuously manage building NFTs for staking.

Stake ratio upgrades and items for maintaining and upgrading durability can be purchased with STELSI tokens.

In addition, users can swap STELSI tokens in the PC version for points that can be used as goods within the metaverse, and points obtained by users activating various communities such as admission tickets and advertisements within the metaverse can be swapped for tokens.

Users are active in the metaverse and can stake STELSI tokens for community voting and gain Voting Power. Users who have obtained Voting Power can conduct community voting by island through voting, and can proceed with voting to activate the community in the STELSI metaverse worldview and Allocation of reward tokens by island.

​Token Distribution

STELSI's governance tokens will be released sequentially according to the period. In addition, we have rationally organized a lock-up release plan for each part, and the details are as follows.

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