Hello and welcome to STELSI!

STELSI is an innovative project that merges blockchain technology with virtual environments to create a platform where the true value of architecture can shine in a transparent and fair environment. Our goal is to build a space where experts and users can come together, envisioning architectural projects in immersive virtual realms.

Recognizing the challenges faced by consumers in assessing the value of architecture due to limited market accessibility, the STELSI team embarked on this journey. We aim to empower consumers to make informed decisions about high-quality architecture within a transparent and healthy environment. This vision drives our project, which harnesses the power of blockchain technology to bring this idea to life.

Through long-term platform operation, STELSI seeks to foster a vibrant architectural community, facilitating connections and expansions. Ultimately, we aspire to seamlessly integrate the industry into the physical world within the web3 ecosystem, bridging the gap between the digital and real environments.

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