NFT Drops notification

  • NFTs sold on NFT Drops are issued on the chain, and these NFTs serve as a voucher concept.

  • After purchasing an NFT, buyers will receive an airdropped NFT (erc-1155) issued by STELSI through a subsequent process.

  • Information about the voucher NFT and the airdropped NFT is as follows: Drops NFTAirdrop NFT(utility)

STELSI : The Healing Ground

HOLA Healing Ground I3

STELSI : Inverse Idea Department Store

HOLA Inverse Idea Department Store I3

  • The process of purchasing NFTs and receiving airdrops is as follows:

  1. 2 weeks after the Drops closes there will be a snapshot for holders. Holders will receive an email for the NFT Airdrop from

  2. Complete the Google form included in the email notification

- this form will need to be submitted within 2 weeks after it is received

- Google form collects: Username, NFT Unique Code, Wallet address (Non-custodial)

  1. 2 weeks after the notification(snapshot date), the “HOLA Healing Ground I3” and “HOLA Inverse Idea Department Store I3” NFT airdrop will proceed sequentially to the submitted wallet addresses.

*To receive the airdropped NFT, you must hold the NFT you purchased by the snapshot date. ‘STELSI NFT’ Airdrop Terms and Conditions

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