The STELSI PC platform creates a virtual environment where architects' buildings are visualized and experienced in a way that closely resembles reality. Additionally, it allows users to access information embedded within the buildings, including design reports, blueprints, and 3D models. The goal is to move towards becoming a specialized platform where architects and consumers can meet, fostering a professional architectural platform.

Architecture & Unreal engine5

Architecture requires consideration not only of geometric design but also the harmonious integration of light, shadows, materials, and the environment. Furthermore, in terms of spatial experience, it should be possible to experience architectural spaces from various perspectives. Current architectural platforms often rely on photos and videos, which clearly have limitations. To create a more space-friendly architectural platform, it is essential to use visualization and spatial experience-focused game engines. Therefore, the STELSI PC Platform has opted to develop using Unreal Engine 5, a game engine specialized in visualization, and is continuously conducting research and development.

Art & Culture

In the STELSI PC Platform, we aim to promote various cultural and artistic activities. We plan to develop the platform into a hub for arts-related events, including architecture, visual arts, music, and more. Currently, we have organized diverse virtual cultural events such as the STELSI Media Art Biennale and Architecture Metaverse Competition exhibitions. Moving forward, we will continue to evolve the platform in the direction of Art & Culture, hosting a wide array of virtual cultural events.

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