#1. hola

The First island of STELSI, hola

Inspired by the Spanish Empire, which was called the 'empire on which the sun never sets,' the first island of STELSI was named after the Spanish greeting '¡Hola!'. Like the Spanish Habsburg dynasty, which was most actively exchanged and developed culturally as well as vast territory, it contains expectations and will to hope that STELSI can grow as a good lifestyle platform, starting with the island of 'hola.'

<Basic Information>

  • Name: hola

  • Area: 785,000㎡ (radius of 500m)

  • Building Area: -

  • Buildings: Detached houses, apartments, commercial facilities, office towers, parks, public facilities

  • Utilization Plan: According to STELSI land policy

The STELSI land policy establishes the land plan on hola island. Residential and commercial land will be issued as NFT and be opened for sale, but infrastructure land and the open spaces will be used as lock-up quantities for ecosystem creation in the beginning.

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