STELSI Professionals

Specialist designing the STELSI archipelago

There are two specialist groups in STELSI.

We provide ongoing guidelines by linking real-world experts with STELSI specialists.

Through collaboration with them, we aim to provide users with high-quality building NFTs and nurture and organize them into a group of metaverse experts.


Maker is a specialist in charge of designing and producing architectural NFTs (exterior, interior, landscape). They create the exterior to be applied to the metaverse space or provide the interior style and landscape style to suit the template.

Maker<->User Process(TBD)


Maker Working Process(TBD)


Makers have the right to open channels on the STELSI NFT Marketplace and generate revenue by selling the NFTs they create.


Engineers are specialists who construct buildings in the metaverse space. The engineer proceeds with proper land readjustment of the site and makes the exterior, landscaping, and interior according to the combination to build the requested building on the site, and optimizes the building to the best harmony with the natural environment elements within the Stealthy platform Responsible for technical processing to maintain

Engineer<-> User Process (TBD)


Engineer Working Process (TBD)


Since engineering is a field that requires high development knowledge, all engineers are verified and registered through a certification scheme within STELSI.

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