NFTs forming the basis of the STELS building process
In the STELSI ecosystem, the complex construction process, in reality, has been reduced and reflected to make it easier by using NFT and blockchain technology. Users can build a building by combining and configuring NFTs for each property.


• Composition of NFT

Land NFT(Land)
Exterior NFT(Architecture)
Interior NFT(Architecture)
Landscape NFT(Architecture)
Land NFTs are in which the land constituting the STELSI island is divided into units according to use, size, and shape. Land NFTs are necessary to build buildings on the STELSI island. Users who own land NFTs can build buildings themselves or lease land to users who have building NFTs or lease land to those Rewards generated by staking NFTs will be distributed to the land NFT owner and the building NFT owner at a specific rate.
  • The land that allows building is limited and will be sold partially in NFT according to the minting plan. Purchased land NFTs can be traded in the NFT marketplace.
  • Having land NFTs in the early stage is advantageous in building the buildings you want and getting more rewards.
The exterior NFT comprises walls, structures, openings, stairs, etc. This determines the appearance of the buildings. It can be constructed only when combined with landscape NFT and interior NFT that matches the purpose.
Interior NFTs are NFTs that determine the design of the interior of a building, such as interior color, walls, floors, lighting, and furniture. It can be constructed only with the exterior and landscape NFT that matches the purpose.
Landscape NFTs are NFTs that constitute landscaping in non-architectural spaces. It is a 'landscape style' NFT in which trees, shrubs, and grass/flowers outside the building are harmoniously arranged. It can be constructed only with the exterior and interior NFT that match the purpose.

NFT Attributes

NFT attributes can be checked in each NFT information as follows.

1) Island

The number of the island where the land belongs (ex. The # of Hola: 10)

2) Usage

  • R(Residential): Residential Lands (Detached houses, townhouses, apartments, etc.)
  • C(Commercial): Commercial Lands (Neighborhood living facilities, sales facilities, offices, etc.)
  • I(Infrastructure): Infrastructure (Public facilities, libraries, art galleries, museums, banks, etc.)
  • O(Open space): Open space (neighborhood park, grand park, plaza, natural green area, etc.)
  • ex) Land NFT use for R → Building NFT for R can be constructed Interior NFT use for RC → R or C for exterior and landscape can be combined for construction Landscape NFT use for RC → R or C for exterior, and interior use can be combined for construction

3) Scale

  • The scale is divided into 1, 2, and 3
  • Ex) Land size/scale 1 → Building size 1 can be built.

4) Form

  • The form is divided into A, B, and C ...
  • Ex) Land form A → Building type A can be built Exterior form AB → Can be used for Land form A or B.

• NFTs for Construction

Certificate NFT
Building NFT
Certificate NFT is an NFT issued after combining exterior, interior, and landscape NFT. Users can apply for building construction to Engineers when they have land and a certificate NFT.
Combinations are possible only when they satisfy the same usage attribute.
Ex) Exterior R + Interior R + Landscape R → Certificate NFT can be issued. After issuing the certificate NFT, you can check the durability and reward ratios.
You can also undo or cancel the certificate NFT. (Fee incurs upon cancellation)
After issuing the certificate, NFTs are burned when building NFTs are issued after construction.

Certificate NFT Attributes

1) Usage
It determines exterior, interior, and landscape NFT's usage. (R, C, I, O)

2) Scale

It follows the scale of exterior NFT.

3) Possible Form

It follows the possible form of exterior NFT.
Building NFTs are NFTs of buildings built on land NFT. Building NFTs are issued when construction is performed using land NFT and Certificate NFT. Building NFTs are pegged with land NFTs. After the issuance, when users stake their building NFT, Staking Reward will be distributed based on the 'Weight' value with a ratio (land 4: building 6)

Building NFT Attribute

1) Island #

It follows the attribute of the land NFT.

1) Usage

It follows the attribute of the land NFT.

2) Scale

It follows the attribute of the land NFT.

3) Form

It follows the attribute of the land NFT.