Building Durability

What makes staking rewards last

What is Durability?

Durability is the value that allows staking rewards to last for building NFTs.

All building NFTs have the same durability value when first issued, and the durability decreases by a certain amount in real time.

If the durability is burned, the staking reward is stopped, and durability can be recovered through durability repair, and the total amount of durability can be increased through durability upgrade.

Repairing Durability

Durability repair is an activity to maintain staking rewards.

It is repaired on a 1d (24h) basis and can be repaired according to the number of days required.

There is a difference in the price of 1d depending on the use and standard weight of the building NFT.

Durability Upgrade

The durability upgrade NFT is an NFT that increases the total amount of durability that a building NFT has. It is a consumable item that is incinerated after one use. Staking ratio upgrade Like NFT, it is paid to users who are active in the STELSI ecosystem. It is managed by adjusting to a certain quantity.

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