STELSI Architecture

The first step towards value, STELSI construction process

STELSI's construction process proceeds in 4 stages: Buy NFT-Combine-Build-Manage.

1. Buy NFT

The first step in constructing a building on STELSI is to purchase land, exterior, interior, and landscape NFTs. When purchasing, you must check the attribute values of the NFT you want before the purchase.

2. Combine

The 'combine' means combining the three NFTs for architecture(exterior, interior, landscape) according to the attribute value, and the 'staking weight' of the building is determined at the assembly stage.

After merging NFTs, a certificate NFT is issued. The certificate NFT can be used for the construction of buildings. If necessary, users can undo the combination. The certificate NFT will be separated into three previously combined NFTs (exterior, interior, and landscape).

3. Build

'Build' is the process of minting Building NFT. With Building NFT, you can construct a building through contracts with engineers.

Build Process
  1. Preparing land NFTs and certificate NFTs with matching attributes

  2. 1) Building NFT issuance - staking reward can be started(Land and Building each) 2) Applied to the metaverse

  3. Apply for construction to engineer

  4. Building NFT metadata is updated to finished building(completed)

Users can stake their Land NFT and Building NFT for staking rewards. Building NFT can be applied to the metaverse by request construction to the engineers.

4. Manage

Each building has its own staking weight and durability. You can continue staking rewards through durability repairs and upgrades.

The value of buildings can be increased through systems such as architecture awards and competitions, and businesses using buildings such as actual rental of buildings, sales of pre-sale rights, ticket sales, asset sales and space rentals are possible.

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